Liposuction is surgically eliminating extra fat, sagging skin, and skin appendages, and reconstructing the body’s muscles to create a taut, toned appearance, liposuction restores the body’s natural shape. Furthermore, however, flatulence is unaffected by diet or exercise and can be controlled with a belly tuck.

What is liposuction ?

Advanced surgical procedures are utilized in liposuction to remove accumulated fat beneath the skin that is resistant to weight loss and exercise. This operation is carried out by a licensed and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Liposuction is a useful procedure for enhancing physical look and reducing fat buildup in troublesome areas like the arms, legs, buttocks, and belly .

when do the results of liposuction appear ?

Most patients want to lose the bothersome fat that has accumulated in different areas of their bodies and achieve a slimmer shape as soon as possible. However, this varies based on the state of the patient’s health as well as the method—traditional liposuction, laser liposuction, or vaser liposuction—and the methodology employed .

It is crucial to note that the body need a certain amount of time to heal completely from the operation; this can happen up to five or six weeks following the procedure.

Results are accelerated at Amazon Clinic when laser or vaser technology is used since the body heals more quickly and bruises less .

You will notice some immediate improvement, but most people get the complete benefit after six months. Some swelling may linger for weeks, so don’t rush to judge the procedure’s success

Who are the ideal candidates for liposuction ?

Liposuction is regarded as an elective and cosmetic surgical surgery that can be beneficial for some people who meet specific physical and health requirements. A person may meet the following requirements to be a prime candidate for liposuction :

1- Individuals who have an accumulation of extra fat in particular bodily parts , like the arms, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen . 

2-Those in good physical health who do not have any chronic illnesses that could interfere with the operation, such as diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure.

3-Those with high body fat percentages, who find it difficult to lose weight by exercise and diet.

4-Individuals who exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle but are not seeing the intended outcomes. 

5-Those with little body deformities brought on by fat buildup in particular places, as well as those who wish to look better and feel more confident

Places where body fat can be suctioned
1- A number of bodily parts that experience fat buildup can have fat suctioned from them, including some of the following areas . 

2-Arms: Excess fat can build up in the arm region, making tight clothing uncomfortable. It is possible to suction fat from this region to make the arms smaller.

3-Thighs: The accumulation of fat in the thigh region can make some individuals feel uneasy, but fat suctioning from this region can enhance the appearance and form of the thighs.

4- Neck: A buildup of fat in the neck region can make a person’s face look unattractive. It is possible to suction fat from this region to minimize extra fat and enhance the appearance of the face .

5- Back: Some people may accumulate fat in the back, which has an impact on body proportion and how comfortable it is to wear garments.

However, the plastic surgeon ought to assess every case separately and determine which areas are best suited for suctioning by taking into account the patient’s requirements, preferences, and overall health

Health instructions after Liposuction 

Following liposuction, the patient should adhere to certain medical guidelines in order to expedite the healing process and prevent problems. Among these guidelines are :
1. Rest and relax at home for at least 24 hours after procedure .

2- Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy phyicl activites for 2-3 weeks after the procedure .

3- Use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly and in the specified dosage to reduce pain and swelling .

4- To minimize swelling and enhance the outcomes of your liposuction, wear the compression garments that your doctor prescribed for two to three weeks following the treatment .

5- For two to three weeks following the treatment, abstain from alcohol and smoking as these can impede the healing process .

6- For two to three weeks following the treatment, stay out of direct sunshine and intense heat as these can worsen the outcomes of liposuction by raising the risk of inflammation 

7-Follow a healthy and balanced diet, and reduce the intake of fatty and high-calorie foods